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Turning your Battle-tested expertise into a LinkedIn Profile deserving of attention so you become you market's first choice
Unleash the potential of your LinkedIn Profile and attract clients with a compelling rewrite
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If you're looking to make an impact on your business , but need a little help getting started with LinkedIn... you'll find this really useful!

It's the perfect system to cover all the bases on LinkedIn, increase visibility and momentum and start building relationships with your ideal future clients on a daily basis.

Taking the time to give forethought to your LinkedIn strategy is a really useful exercise. It's what I took time out to do when I came up with my 'Morning Cuppa Routine'.

I knew what I wanted to accomplish on LinkedIn and how quickly I wanted to achieve it - that was my strategic thinking. Then I needed the tactics that would fulfil my strategy in the best and fastest possible way.

If you have gathered connection's on LinkedIn but have no idea what to do with them so they're simply gathering dust, then this playbook is exactly what you need.

We map out the very steps you need to take with each one of those new ideal connection's so your name doesn't lapse into oblivion and you begin to gain momentum on the platform.

The potential on LinkedIn for you is HUUUGE and we don't want you to miss out on any of it for your business,

Our purpose is to install time tested and effective marketing systems into your business so you can get your name known quicker and easier to grow your client base.

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We're all about finding your sweet spot and playing full out with that system.

Discover What Your Profile is Really Saying to Your Market

If you're on LinkedIn, you will be checked out... depending on what they read, prospects will either move on or take action. Let's make sure the latter is true for you!


My start on LinkedIn...

My start on LinkedIn™ was far from glamorous, as the referrals had run dry and drastic action was needed. I was running 100 miles an hour on a hamster wheel and getting nowhere!

Knowing little about the platform, I connected at speed to anyone willing, with no real strategy or thought. However, I knew it was essential to communicate, so I messaged ALL of my networks every day...and yes, I was thrown off LinkedIn™ with immediate effect!

After clawing my way back in 2011, I knew there had to be an easier way that didn't cost me hours and hours each day, leaving me exhausted.

I started to understand how the critical elements of LinkedIn™ worked together and what it took to start building genuine relationships. I realised how crucial the profile was and how pathetically poor mine was then. So, after much research, trial and error, and finally hit gold with my profile. I won two contracts worth £21,000 in two weeks.

That's when I realised I had a winning and repeatable formula.

That point was when the previous businesses I had built had sold out through word of mouth, so I had no idea how much I hated selling. My great discovery was that by using LinkedIn™ as I did, I didn't need to sell - prospects came to me.

As I began to profit from LinkedIn™, I could start to run my business out of calm rather than the panic and chaos I had been working from.

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Fast-Track Your Business to Six-Figures This Year

Enquiries everyday. New clients every week!

The outcome is simple: To get you consistent clients.

For 8 weeks, we focus on the best client-getting strategies that LinkedIn™ offers.

From profile and messaging to content and integrating LinkedIn™ and email.

You'll complete this time with marketing systems installed with your business on LinkedIn™ that you run every day

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The LinkedIn League Membership™

You're seconds away from regular training and support to improve convert consistent leads from your LinkedIn Profile.

  • You've got an established business
  • All your clients hang out on LinkedIn
  • Your clients get amazing results with you
  • You just need more of them!

Our monthly membership is packed with in-depth, practical training and resources on all aspects of planning, building and growing a successfully converting profile on LinkedIn.

PLUS the community support you need to ensure your membership achieves its full potential.

Doors re-opening in September 2023


Be Part of a powerful community that builds results with you on LinkedIn

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Full LinkedIn Account Takeover

Every year we manage a small number of company profiles.  We create a bespoke LinkedIn™ strategy, plan content and run the whole thing on their behalf.

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LinkedIn™ Leveraging Experts

Our free watering hole on Facebook for coaches, consultants and business owners. It is full of ideas, insights and strategies to build consistent sales.

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