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I'm Jill Chitty, a LinkedIn Specialist. I've been training and consulting with companies for over 12 years. I'm the creator of the LinkedIn Client System - the fast and solid solution to creating leads every day and clients every week on LinkedIn.

My LinkedIn Morning Cuppa Routine: The six things to do everyday on LinkedIn, has been downloaded by 1,000's of people all over the world, enabling them to create the habit of building a powerful presence on LinkedIn.

Some of my best work is re-writing LinkedIn Profiles for some of the top UK CEO's, but sadly it's my best kept secret due to signing NDA's.

Check out the LinkedIn Client System for fast 'up levelling' of your LinkedIn Marketing results.

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Whilst  I began my working life as an actress, participating in Shakespeare plays, musicals and comedies, then moving to work for the BBC abroad as a TV presenter, I always had a love for business.

My first foray into the world of business was a boutique home business called Glitter & Gloss.

It started out with four friends creating something fun and quickly became a huge hit in the South West of England. We offered makeover parties for girls of every age - including adult hen parties.

Running this business by myself after the first year, it became an award winning business with a team of seventeen.

Glitter & Gloss was my business baby, where I cut my teeth on my very first marketing efforts and learned how to grow a business fast.

Glitter Glos
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With both my boys now grown up I'm a free agent to do what I wish, and whilst I'm not tied to an office anymore I do love travelling around the country and abroad to visit friends and find new walks.

I still love to sing and you'll often find me singing and playing my late grandfather's piano - or at the top of my lungs whilst waiting at a red light in my car.

And when I'm completely exhausted I love nothing better to lounge on the sofa with my gorgeous grey cat, a glass of red and a good movie!