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Become a master of linkedin...

LinkedIn is a gold mine for your business like no other and I know I’m guessing but I bet virtually 100% of your clients are on there.

Struggling to get through to prospects on the phone or get a reply from an email? On LinkedIn decision makers are happy to connect with you as a peer on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn affords you incredible real estate to share your business ethos and services whilst creating connection with your market.

It’s the perfect prospecting tool to find your ideal clients and begin the relationship with them that is a pre-cursor to any sale.With LinkedIn your Lead List will NEVER run dry.

It’s also a highly accessed content platform that allows you to share your authority and position your business with trust and credibility.

PLUS, it’s a lead machine that once created, oiled and watered you can turn on and off as your business growth dictates.

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Are you 3 inches from Gold?

It’s possible you’re doing a lot on LinkedIn but not getting the results. The good news is that tweaking what  you’re already doing and laying a few more skills into your marketing tool box could be all that you need.

You maybe thinking that you have no idea where to start, what to do or what to say…

Either way you’re in the right place.

What is Jill Chitty’s LinkedIn Masterclass?


The LinkedIn Masterclass is a 12 week, interactive video-based training program that teaches smart, effective LinkedIn marketing strategies to business owners who want more sales and more impact from their LinkedIn presence.

Turn your
business around

Whether you’re brand new to business or established and ready to grow, the LinkedIn Masterclass will challenge you to execute at your very best. It’s designed to turn your business into a force for good that fuels higher profits and your higher purpose.

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We have a mantra that we live by…
RS x C x C x E = R

right skills





Most business people lack confidence with a platform like LinkedIn, it’s totally different from Facebook or Instagram and it takes a little getting used to for some.

We give you the right skills so that you have the confidence to be consistent in your daily activity on LinkedIn. Clarity of what you’re doing is also essential for staying consistent and we give you that in bucket loads and then we stick you in our community to give you the environment to thrive.


All the teaching we share with you is based on Principles. This isn’t a cookie-cutter programme that tells you exactly what to do whether it’s right for you or not but time-tested principles that are malleable to your particular way of doing business…that’s why this works.

We have 4 Principles we live by. They’re designed to keep you Ahead of the RACE.






I’ve helped 100s of Experts just like you create their perfect offer and their ideal client

Kiki joined us as she returned to running her business after her cancer journey. LinkedIn was where she wanted to re-launch her business.

Within two weeks Kiki found her sweet-spot and after engaging on other people’s posts she won 2 new clients.

‘’Amazing programme – I never realised that getting paying clients into my business could be so effortless.’’

Kiki Stanton

Gary was a new start-up in the travel industry, straight out of corporate life, with no prior experience of running a business.

He found his sweet spot when we created an outreach campaign for his business.

With a cleverly crafted email and 100% commitment to communicate with his network he quickly generated 63 leads and within 2 weeks £11K of orders came in that just kept growing.

Gary Holmes

Dave learned to connect with people within his content, and also to shine a brilliant light on what his service. He positioned himself with great excellence and was getting 25 inquiries in a day for his chauffeur business.

Dave Barnes

Kirsten is a Data Analyst and CRM Specialist. At the end of our first session, we wrote a post together, Kirsten was reluctant because she’s a numbers and not a words girl but we got there.

That afternoon, somebody connected with her in that post, she had a conversation them, that turned into a £5K contract that has just been renewed again. So, for Kirsten that was a 5 figure post.

Kirsten Wingate


We follow a simple seven step ladder process to optimise your LinkedIn activity. You can't reach the next level, until you’ve completed fully your first level.


One of the most misunderstood assets in business today, your offer isn't your product or your service but the way that you communicate it. A successful offer means you will freely and naturally make multiple offers a day on LinkedIn to your network. We look at who you're offering your offer to and what they need to hear from you.


Your profile is the central hub of everything that you do on LinkedIn. It's not about you, it's about your ideal clients and it must resonate with them qualifies the right people to take the next step with you.


Creating media for your profile is increasingly more important with your featured section. Media creates quick wins, adds value, and positions you in the eyes of your network as somebody who knows what they're doing and can give them the results they desire.


Messaging is how you will build relationship with network. Your inbox will become a hive of activity where you are getting to know your ideal clients and taking to their next step.


The potential on LinkedIn is huge. There are hundreds of thousands of potential clients for you on LinkedIn. How do we manage that number of potential clients without out getting lost in it? Lead Lists allow you to create a simple  process that enables you to prospect smoothly efficiently in the best timescale possible


Content on the Home feed is essential to stay top of mind, to grow relationships, and to share that mountain of value you're sitting on. It starts conversations with people who have an interest in your market and it keeps you top of mind, and is a vital ingredient for getting results on LinkedIn.


How do you take somebody who's a new connection and turn them into a paying customer? The process is through the campaigns each step is sequential and we'll be taking you through every step that you need to design.

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What we cover in the LinkedIn Masterclass



Getting under the skin of your ideal client so EVERYTHING you DO and SAY is super relevant



Crafting how you communicate your Offering so everyone is super clear what you offer, who you offer it to and wht the end result is.



Re-writing your Profile: Your Professional Headline and your About section



Completing other sections of Profile



Implementation Week - you will need this as we cover a lot!



Creating Media for your Profile and to draw your ideal clients towards you



Creating Messaging that builds relationships and moves people towards doing business with you.



Structuring your Lead List that you work every day



Implementation Week



Creating content that fascinates



Launching your Campaign



Working your Campaign

What happens when the 12 weeks is completed?

You get 3 months FREE membership in the LinkedIn LaunchPad
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30 day action planner

To keep you on track
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money mindset training

To clear the blocks
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productivity training

To enable you to do more
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Q & A

Bringing greater clarity!
Valued at £2,100
Just imagine...
Writing a post and getting 10 leads

Go into LinkedIn to find 3 leads in your Inbox everyday

Positioning yourself so well that you get asked to talk all over the country
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LinkedIn Masterclass
30 Day Action Planner
Money Mindset Training
Productivity Training
Extra weekly Q & A Session
3 months of LinkedIn LaunchPad
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